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FILTERTEK offers an extensive range of synthetic, fibreglass-free filter media. Efficiencies range from G2 and up to F9 as per EN 779:2002 92-F9. The filters are flame retardent as per glass F1of DIN 53438. The construction of the filter media is progressive and the filters are available in rolls or in pads.

FILTERTEK can supply wire-framed filters in any size. The filter media is sewn on a galvanized steel wire frame. The advantage of this is that synthetic filter material can be far more easily installed into your equipment. You will also find plastic and aluminium filter frames in the FILTERTEK range. When the filter medium is dirty, you only need to replace the filter medium itself; the frame can be used again and again. This makes the filter frame and changeable filter a good, cheap alternative to fibreglass panel filters especially. FILTERTEK filter frames are available in various thicknesses and in the size you require.

FILTERTEK can supply ready-made filter panels in many designs. The medium can be a fibreglass or synthetic filter pad, although panels are normally made with cardboard frames, metal frames can also be supplied. The FILTERTEK aero filter panels are characterized by a large surface area which is ingeniously obtained by using a pleating technique.

FILTERTEK is introducing innovations in the field of HEPA filters. Using state-of-the-art technology FILTERTEK not only produces conventional HEPA filters but also extended surface HEPA filters, manufactured for a flow rate of 3200 till 4000 m3/h at an initial resistance of 250 Pa, for example. Depending on the application, we can deliver these filters with efficiencies from 95% to 99.99996% (as per EN1822). FILTERTEK can supply the filters for all makes and applications.

For a wide range of applications for example the pharmaceutical industry, electronics and fine mechanical industry and the asbest removal industry, FILTERTEK has developed HEPA filters with special dimensions and features. If you wish each HEPA filter can be delivered with a test certificate.

The HEPA filters are manufactured in a choice of materials, including sheet metal, stainless steel, aluminium, and MDF etc. The high-quality fibreglass paper can be folded around paper plastic or aluminium spacers, as required.
The assembly is then carefully glued into the housing.

FILTERTEK has an extremely versatile range of bag filters. Each filter employs state-of-the-art technology including ultrasonic sealed pockets, baffle ends and internal wedges. The bagfilters (multi layer synthetic media) are characterized by aerodynamic inlets and a long servicelife. You can choose from six efficiencies , ranging from 35% to 98% (ASHRAE discoloration test, EN 779:2002, class G4/F9). A full non standard manufacturing service is available to meet the requirements of virtually any installation. All bags are flame retardent to DIN 53438 part. F1.

For conversions and for new installations FILTERTEK can supply universal leak-tight bag filter frames, where the bag filter can be removed through the side or through the front. The frames are available in galvanized and in fully stainless steel version with stainless steel spring clips. The side removable frames are available loose as well as complete with housing. Galvanizing of the frames is standard.

The use of advanced technology to fold micro fibreglass paper with a plastic thread-separator guarantees low air resistance. The housing is fully made of plastic. Maximum temperature 65C, maximum relative humidity 90%, efficiency 45% to 98% as per ASHRAE discoloration test. And absolute filters to 99.99% D.O.P.

Activated carbon has a porous structure. Therefore it can adsorp numerous kinds of substances and containments. The carbon undergoes a controlled process of activation to achive this. Activated carbon is made out of natural carbonaceous material like wood, coal, coconut shell or peat. It is offered in granular, pellet or powder. Activated carbon is used to purify air and gasses, as well as liquids.

These filters have been specially designed for use in a standard air conditioning unit. In the product range there are also special holding frames to accommodate the cylinders. Each type of cylinder can be refilled.

These systems are suitable for:

  • Removal of gaseous dust particles
  • Odour control

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