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FILTERTEK Has Decades-Long Love Affair With Filter Media

Denmark-based FILTERTEK has a decades-long love affair with the latest in filter media and fi lter technology. The company's product lineup includes a wide-ranging selection of synthetic, fiber-glass-free filter media (top photo) with efficiencies ranging from G2 to F9 as defined by EN 779:2002 92-F9 and flame-retardant characteristics as laid down in DIN 53438. The filter media feature progressive construction and filter materials are available in rolls or pads.

FILTERTEK supplies this selection of synthetic filter media as wire-framed filters available in any size. In filters of this type, the filter media is sewn onto a galvanized steel wire frame, a fearure that makes it easier to install synthetic filter material than is the case with other designs. Plastic and aluminium frames are also available. Frames can be reused many times, making it necessary to only replace the filter medium and not the frame when the medium becomes dirty. The concept of a reusable frame and a replaceable filter makes the FILTERTEK design an excellent and economical alternative to other designs, especially fiberglass panel filters. FILTERTEK's filter frames come in a wide range of thicknesses and custom sizes.

Also worth mentioning is FILTERTEK's versatile lineup of bag tiltcrs (second photo). Used for odour control and to remove dust particles entrained in gas streams, these bag filters feature state-of-the-art ultrasonically sealed pockets, baffle ends and internal wedges, as well as multi-layer synthetic media with aerodynamic inlets and exceptional service lifetimes. All bags arc flame retardant to DIN 53438 standards and FILTERTEK customers can choose from six efficiency levels ranging from 35% to 98%.

While FILTERTEK's off-the-shelf bag filters are well suited to almost any application, customers with special requirements benefit from the company's non-standard manufacturing service. FILTERTEK can also supply universal leak-tight bag filter mounting frames (third photo). These allow the bag filter to removed through the side or front. The mounting frames are available in standard galvanized or full stainless steel versions.

Rounding out our photo block (photo bottom) is yet another FILTERTEK specialty: filter cells. FILTERTEK delivers these complete filter cells in a variety of designs and implementations that feature both fiberglass and synthetic materials. The frames for these filter cells are made of lightweight metal and specially engineered cardboard. The cells employ an innovative folding technique that allows FlLTERTEK's filter cells to offer users a larger overall surface area, which makes it possible to achieve separation levels that are superior to other filter designs.

Founded in 1945 by Niels Valcntin-Hjorrh, FILTERTEK A/S been a key player in the Scandinavian filter and ventilation industry for some 35 years and maintains production facilities and subsidiaries in several European countries, including Denmark, Sweden and Spain. The company's list of Danish and Scandinavian customers includes such wellknown names as AP Moller, Haldor Topsoe, Bravida and others. Export markets in the EU include customers like the Electrolux Group, Volvo, Alfa-Laval, ABB and many others.

Readers interested in a more detailed look at FILTERTEK A/ S and the company's innovative filtration and ventilation products are encouraged to contact the company directly.



FILTERTEK offers a wideranging selection of synthetic, fiberglass-free filter media.


FILTERTEK's state-of-the-art bag filters are used for odor control and to remove dust particles entrained in gas streams.


Customers with special requirements benefit from FILTERTEK's non-standard manufacturing service, which includes universal leak-tight bag filter mounting frames.


Made of fiberglass or synthetic materials, FILTERTEK's complete fllter cells employ an innovative folding technique that results in a larger overall surface area.








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